Hello and Welcome!

You’ve navigated your way to my personal website. My name is Joe Harvey. My wife, Valerie and I live in Kissimmee, FL. My website is the place where I collect my essays, course outlines, PowerPoint presentations, mind maps, and anything else I've personally created for use during my years as a Christian teacher, minister and college professor. It's all here so that you can use it for your personal study or in your ministry. It is all free, but please take care to properly give credit to any resources that I have quoted.

You will soon discover that this site contains hundreds of files. Some were created while I was on staff at LifeBridge Christian Church (Longmont, CO). Others were created while I was serving at an adjunct professor at Colorado Christian University or Hope International University. Others have been created for use in my current role as Assistant Professor of Ministry at Johnson University Florida.

Johnson University students will find all of my current course presentation files here (in the JUFL section). 


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